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Scanything for Windows

If you are installing on a computer without Internet access, the installer may ask you to install this Microsoft update: vcredist_x86_vc2009.exe. Windows 2000 users may need to install Windows 2000 update rollup 1 first.


Download Scanything V1.0.16

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Scanything for Linux

NOTE: this will currently only work out of the box with LinuxCNC V2.7.5 - v2.7.14. It is possible to work with other versions but you would have to build the driver and LinuxCNC from source.

To install it, download the file then right-click on it an select 'properties'. Go to the permissions tab and make sure 'execute' is turned on. You can now simply double click on the file to install Scanything.
If that does not work you can simply unzip the file. The data folder in the zip is a tarball containing everything you need to run Scanything. Execute run-scanything to run Scanything.

Download Scanything V2.0.17 32 bit

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